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You’ll be hearing from me soon. You’ll hear of me later.

Hey cool kids!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA, but I’ve been dealing with myself as well as school (both of which are a handful). 

I will be posting a video soon, need to make it first lol I must warn you all, I have made a few changes to my goals and aspirations. The end picture is still the same as of now, but they way i get there will be a complete 180.

In other news, I got a puppy! well she’s 8 months old now. German Shepherd!

but I’ll keep you guys up to date, stay tuned. 

Medical School Prerequisites 


I’m not dead, I swear!

But I’m almost there, as a direct result of trying to teach myself chem2. So far I’ve made a 72 on a test. a 7freaking2… but given that the class average is a 40something and only 2 people did better on the test, I don’t feel too bad. Just a crap professor, straight up. 

Outside of chem everything is going decent, chaotic but manageable. 

I promise that I plan on working on some videos this weekend, I’ve gotten about 13 requests, and theres no way I can service each request in a weekend, so I may just make a general video. 

So sorry guys, but on the bright side, the semester is half way over, I’m 6 months away from getting a puppy, 8 months away from getting an apartment and the furniture to go with it, and my birthday will be here in a week just about. So there are a lot of things to be done. I have 3 tests on the day of my birthday and a speech to present the next day… So I won’t exactly have time to celebrate it… But it’s only the 20th, the 21st will be more important because I’ve been promised a trip to Vegas, but I don’t drink or anything, but its on the agenda to go wine tasting, look around a casino (unsupervised)(i say “look around” because I’m far to afraid to gamble lol), then a week at a resort in san diego, LA, or Berkley. California, that is. 

But yah that’s what’s been up, much sorrow yet again from the lack of communication. 

Thanks for all the support

ps I am planning on getting a mini comedy series on youtube for the christmas holiday. So be on the look out for that, I just need an extra camera, and possibly another computer. We’ll see how that goes down. Alright well I have a test in about 12 hours so I’m going to get back to doing what I do. Outty.

4 Minutes of Heaven

So I’ve been getting murdered by school. and its 11:55 pm and I’m still studying. So we took a 4 minute break and just started dancing. I’ve gotten all of the video request and am working on them but i just don’t have the time that I used to have. Bear with me, the videos will be coming soon. 

In the mean time, enjoy our “dancing”. I know I’m not a good dancer but I had fun so if the dismal comments could not happen, I’d appreciate it immensely!


Why doctors are needed more than ever.

So this video is one of the major reasons I started this. There’s a shortage and hopefully I can help someone become a doctor in order to service the shortage that faces medicine today. If you’re just tuning in and are interested in medicine, look at my previous videos. Most of them are medically relevant 2 are personal, I believe. But my videos should give you an idea of what it is going to take to become a doctor. 

I hope this helps and if anyone needs further clarification or guidance do not hesitate to let me know. If I cant answer a question you have I know multiple people who can and I’l happily direct you to them.

Thanks for wanting to make something of yourself


What Medical Schools Generally Look For

Hope this helps, more to come!


So this has nothing to do with medicine, but I need to update the blog anyway

So listen to me rant. The first video is not the best, I was upset, thirsty and gassy. But the second video I was just gassy lol. Enjoy!

Making Progress!

So the blog is officially underway, even though its still under construction =]

I hope you guys are as excited about it as I am. Please help me make money, you know what to do!

Thanks alot!


Adsense is up!

that didn’t take long at all, well it kind of did then i got the bright idea of googling it lol but now I will start posting the vids, and look for more customization coming soon. I’m going to try getting something more medically relevant as a back ground and maybe a picture of me or something. Who knows but be on the look out for some videos coming soon!

Later Gators! 


Hey Hey Hey!

So the purpose of this blog is mainly to supplement my youtube channel so that I can make some money with adsense!

But baiscally I’m going to post my videos to youtube, then Im going to post them here as well so the ads are available to you guys. I may post some other random things here as well because I don’t know if I’ll exactly have time for youtube videos every week.

But for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Gary and I want to be a doctor (in case that’s not obvious enough). I also want to help other people who are chasing the same dream that I am and thats the purpose of me getting out on the internet. So if you’re a pre med student anywhere, join me! I’m no genius or anything but I’m pretty well aware of what it takes to get accepted, and the different alternative incase you get denied. So I’ll tell you what I know and if I only help 1 person, then the purpose of this blog has been fulfilled. 

Also this will function as an academic diary so I have something to look at 7 years from now if/when I graduate from medical school. Just something of sentimental value.

I would like to make money in the process, nothing substantial but just enough to have some pocket change and thats why I have the Adsense. If you don’t know how Adsense works, its a thing powered by google that lets you post ads on your sites and for every click on an ad that you get, the advertisers pay you a variable amount. It’s legit. And the ads are generated based on the content of the site they’re on so they’re all pretty relevant. And In my experiences, they’re really good. Like you should see some ads about medical schools in the Caribbean and some programs that help people get in medical schools. They’re definitely worth a look if you’re interested. But first I have to find out how to put them on here lol.

But as soon as I get them on I’ll start posting the videos I already have and the one’s to come. So lets get to it.

And btw if I don’t have them up and you see this and know how to put them up, please tell me lol. I would really appreciate it =]